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  To Create Unique Value for Our Customers
       The security products industry is gradually turning to homogenization, including homogenization of its products, manufacturing, management and marketing. Many customers with their own brands cannot easily find a permanent partner.
       SNOV believes that this is mainly because the relationship between the manufacturer and the retailers is pure manufacturing and selling, and they both stand on their own side and consider their own interest. If we can stand on the side of our customers and on the market, the situation will be totally different. So many CCTV retailers have been seeking a new way of cooperation.


   The Business Philosophy of SNOV Creates Unique Value for Our Customers
        After carefully studying the current status and trend of development of the CCTV industry, we have gradually built up our own business philosophy:
  I. In SNOV, we pursue not large size but most effective organization.
 II. In SNOV, we pursue not highest profits but best quality.
III. In SNOV, we pursue not biggest capacity but every detail of good quality.
IV. In SNOV, we pursue not homogenization of products but diversification.
V. In SNOV, we pursue not competition but win-win cooperation and mutual value-adding.
VI. In SNOV, we pursue not full series of the products, but unique and competitive own products.
VII. In SNOV, we pursue not all the customers in all markets, but diversified market and diversified customers.
VII. In SNOV, we pursue not only the manufacturing and selling of our products, but also working out a whole set of value-added service and innovative management model for our customers.
IX. In SNOV, we pursue not just promoting our products and our company, but helping our customers to promote their products and company.
X. In SNOV, we pursue not simple business cooperation, but common business philosophy, concepts, values and sense of responsibility. We need to have continuous and long-term business spirit, the foresight and mind-set of the entrepreneurs.


   The Unique Value Created by SNOV Will Last Long
        The unique business philosophy has ensured that SNOV can create unique value for our customers:
• Our strategy of development is to build a strong and effective team. This ensures that we have enough time and energy to provide on-time and good service to our customers. 
• We pursue not only profit but also the good quality of our products. This ensures that we use the best materials as well as the most advanced techniques, and we employ the most outstanding technical engineers and use the best testing devices.
• We pursue every detail of the products. This ensures that we provide the valuable, unique and competitive product to our customers. 
• We cooperate but not compete with our customers. 
• We produce a certain type of CCTV products. This ensures that we are doing well in a certain area and with unique competitiveness.
• We focus on the customers within a certain market. This ensures that SNOV has enough resources and provide specialized services and win more competitiveness for our customers.
• We endeavor to provide brand design and promotion services to our customers, instead of pure selling our products. This ensures that our customers can get the most creative and unique products from SNOV.
• We seek to cooperative with customers who bear the same business philosophy with us. 
The unique business philosophy of SNOV will create unique value to our customers. We believe we will be the outstanding company in the CCTV industry and we will create ever-lasting and unique value to our customers.

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